Bridget Jones is a fictional character devised by British writer Helen Fielding.

Bridget's family include her mother Pamela and father Colin.

Pamela (Mum), Bridget and Colin (Dad):
Bridget and her Family

Bridget doesn't have any other siblings but does have a couple of other relatives, namely, Uncle Geoffrey and Aunty Una.

Bridget, Uncle Geoffey and Aunty Una:
Uncle Geoffrey and Aunty Una

Bridget is a 30 something singleton with a few bad habits; smoking too much, drinking too much and eating too much, with no love life to speak of.

She does however have some wonderful friends; Shazzer, Jude and Tom.

Shazza, Jude, Tom and Bridget:
Bridget's Friends

Bridget has a couple of love interests; the develishly handsome loverat Daniel Cleaver.

Bridget and Daniel:
Daniel Cleaver

And the equally as gorgeous, but a little less interesting, Mark Darcy.

Mr Darcy!
Mark Darcy